B/S       Lock Backset                            ID       Inside Diameter                  O/S       Offset

CRS       Screw/Bolt Centre                    LH       Left Hand                          RF         Rear Fix

C/S       Lock Case Size Overall                OA      Overall Length                    RH        Right Hand

FF          Face Fixed                               OD      Outside Diameter

Handing for Single/Dummy Handles

Dummy Handing

Care & Maintenance

Wax Polish

Code: 5093


Blue Magic Stainless Polish

Code: 055



Code: 1276



Blue Magic



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The high polish of Windsor Brass products is treated with a clear protective coating to provide durability. Brass, like sterling silver, will gradually tarnish and take on an antique appearance. Atmospheric conditions, caustic agents such as paints, or scratches from sharp objects may cause the protective coating to crack or peel causing spotting and discolourations. However, the beauty of the metal can be maintained by taking a few simple steps. Initial care for brass requires only a quick rub with Windsor Wax Polish and light buffing with a soft cloth. You may prefer to do this weekly, especially in exterior, often used or damp environments. “Blue Magic” Metal Polish is a quick, effective way of restoring mildly tarnished brassware. If heavy discolouration occurs the finish can be restored by stripping the remaining lacquer and polishing regularly with “Blue Magic”. Alternatively let it age naturally to an antique finish. The beauty of solid brass is that it can always be restored to its original lustre.

Stainless Steel

To aid the longevity and appearance of quality Windsor stainless steel product we recommend that it is kept clean and a metal polish such as “Blue Magic” be applied periodically. Atmospheric conditions, salt deposits, acids, caustic agents, cement or dust on construction sites all have the potential to cause discolouration to the surface. If this occurs do not be concerned as usually this is not the stainless steel itself but particles clinging to its surface. The product can be revived by following the above maintenance procedure and repeating regularly. This small amount of routine care can only preserve the elegance of your Windsor stainless steel hardware.


Windsor fine Italian Leather products are protected by a urethane covering, but they will need gentle care and maintenance to keep it in top condition. Clean regularly with a soft, damp cloth as dirt and grime can act as abrasives on leather. Use an appropriate leather furniture conditioner periodically as required. This will depend on frequency of use and proximity to sunlight. Wipe off food and body oils as soon as possible as they will oxidise and change the colour of the leather. Don’t use water, cleaning solvents, soaps or ammonia based products to clean the leather - water based stains will leave a permanent mark. This small amount of routine care can only preserve the elegance of your Windsor leather hardware.


Medium Strength Threadlock suitable for approx. 20 grubscrews.   


Locks & Accessories

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Download this useful Chart which shows the best choice of Rebate kits, Extended strikes and Packers for each of the Locks and Lock Kits in our range.